Douglas REDwine
Youth Mentor
STEM & Arts Educator 
After School
​​To promote Creativity and Innovation, Build Character and Motivate youth to freely
Dream, Explore and Create
their Best Personal and Academic Success.
​​R.E.D. was designed to stimulate CURIOSITY and CREATIVITY and to optimize youth natural aptitude for technology and arts by providing hands-on training in various STEM and Arts activities.  The objective is for students to have fun being creative while learning skills that help develop positive personal attributes, such as:
​​Leadership, Team Work, Self Confidence, Effective Communication, Creativity and Computational Thinking.
"Bridging the Gap"
R.E.D. seeks to bridge the gap in education by providing students in underserved districts opportunities to EXPLORE enriching activities
(STEM & ARTS) that are often not offered in their day to day curiculum. 
“All children are born artist, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up”
- Pablo Picasso

CODING, Droneology and more
Douglas Redwine is a mentor, motivational speaker and the founder of R.E.D. STEM & Arts.  Mr. Redwine is a graduate of Texas Southern Univ. and is a STEM professional in the field of Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) where he functions as a Region Operations Manager for the Biomed Engineering department.​​

Although a tech professional, Douglas is absolutely an educator at heart and has a passion for teaching, motivating and helping others achieve their academic and personal best. 
Over the years Douglas has amassed a wealth of experience edutaining as a performing artist and featured speaker/teacher at conferences, seminars, concerts and workshops for thousands of students locally and nationally. 


"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."​​​       - Malcom X
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